FRIENDS OF FRIENDS (Os amigos dos amigos)- 1:17, Brazil, 2013

In Rio de Janeiro, Melissa wants to introduce her boyfriend Junior to her friend and collegue Palma, since she discovered that both have an acouphen (a stress desease which consist in a whistle in a ear), that started after the dead of their parents. She thinks that they can help one another to cure it, and organizes some meetings that never got through, because both of them are always late. One day Junior is visited by a mysterious girl in his apartment: she doesn’t speak, she does a tour of seight seing in her living room, then she leaves. Something tells Junior that this one is the girl, she is the famous Palma. Immediately, he goes to tell Melissa the weird meeting that he just experienced : Melissa confirm that the described girl might be Palma… but Palma just died the day before!

Production :
Date : 1/2013

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